Cmdlet Help Editor V2.0 with Module Support

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I have updated the Cmdlet Help Editor tool to support Modules. The V1.0 version of this tool only supported PsSnapins. The original post can be found here 

Cmdlet Help Editor enables you to create help topics for Windows PowerShell cmdlets in the XML format that Windows PowerShell supports. Help text created in Cmdlet Help Editor can be displayed immediately by a Windows PowerShell get-help command without any additional transforms or formatting.


By reflecting on a Windows PowerShell snap-in (PsSnapin) assembly or Module, Cmdlet Help Editor creates a customized documentation interface that includes the cmdlets, their parameters, and parameter attributes.


Cmdlet Help Editor is designed for Windows PowerShell cmdlet developers to make it easy to create excellent cmdlet help. This tool is made available free of charge, but it is not warranted or supported by Microsoft.

You can download the tool from here:



System Requirements


Cmdlet Help Editor V1.2 requires that the following operating systems and programs be installed on the computer:


  • Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, or a later version of Windows
  • Windows PowerShell 1.0 or 2.0
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 (for Windows PowerShell 1.0 or 2.0)
  • Microsoft .NET 3.0 (for Cmdlet Help Editor)


You can download Windows PowerShell 2.0 as part of the latest Windows Management Framework from here:  

For additional information and to report bugs/issues with the tool, please contact


Enjoy the tool,

Wassim [MSFT]



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  • Thanks! I've been hoping for this for a long time :)


  • Wassim;

    I think you meant to provide this link to the original post?

    In any case, thanks for updating this to support modules!


  • Wassim,

    Thanks for releasing an update to this.  You really should publish the source code for this and move it to CodePlex though.  Allow the community to help you maintain this over time and to make it better, possibly even integrating it with tools like PowerGUI as an Add-on.  That would be a much better solution for this sort of functionality than to leave it as a standalone executable that isn't updated very often.

    Kirk out.

  • Hi Wassim,

    Thanks for updating the help editor, being able to generate help for modules is great!   Is there any chance you'll put the code on Codeplex (or equivalent)?  It would be great to be able to fix a couple nagging bugs from the last release.

    Thanks Again!

  • Hi Wassim,

    Thanks for the help editor, but I found a problom. In my cmdlet there is a "SwitchParameter" - Overwrite. And when I create the help XML and use Get-Help I got this:


        Required?                    false

        Position?                    named

        Default value

        Accept pipeline input?       false

        Accept wildcard characters?  false

    I think it should be like this:

    -Overwrite <SwitchParameter>

        Required?                    false

        Position?                    named

        Default value

        Accept pipeline input?       false

        Accept wildcard characters?  false

    Do I miss something? Or it is a bug for this tool?

  • Thanks, that really helps a lot and works very well so far.


  • Is this tool available from some other location? 404'd both links above.



  • This still generating 404 Category not found when trying the download links.

    Please fix link.

    - Carlos

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Cmdlet Help Editor V2.0 with Module Support