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The best way to get updated help for Windows PowerShell core commands is to type "Get-Help –Online <cmdletname>," but that works only when you're online and your firewall permits Internet access. For all of those other times, there's the new Windows PowerShell 2.0 Core Help – May 2011 Update in CHM format.

The newly released CHM includes Windows PowerShell Core cmdlet help, provider help, and conceptual "About" help topics as of May 1, 2011. It’s digitally signed and packaged in an executable file to ward off the meanies. You can get it from the Microsoft Download Center at

It doesn't include help for all of the wonderful modules that you can use with Windows PowerShell, but it might get you through the next long airplane ride, dentist visit, or power outage.

Thanks to everyone who suggested and requested an update in CHM format, and to Simon Farr, Angela Patnode, and Craig Landis who helped to get it out the door. And who should you thank for the more than 100 updated files? Pat yourself on the back. More than 75% of the updates were generated in response to bugs filed on Connect, or e-mailed, sent on Facebook, or tweeted to me.

Who writes Windows PowerShell Help? We all do.

June Blender [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell Documentation
Twitter:  juneb_get_help

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  • thank you!

  • Hi June, thanks!

    I'd like to ask: is there a way to get this update help into the ISE (Help menu, or F1)?

    I found that get-help does not give me the new info, is there a special location I have to put the CHM file?

  • I do like to develop on my Apple Mac using RDP. I have a CHM reader but it's a *** always needing to run it on the server first and then transfer the files back to my Mac.

    Would it be such a big risk to be able to download them in the original format?


  • Hi, Jacques. No, unfortunately it won't work like that. This CHM is just for reference, It doesn't replace the ISE CHM, which is more comprehensive.

  • Hi,  Janåke.

    We have no way to replace the original Help XML files that come with Windows PowerShell because they're part of Windows and Help doesn't meet the risk bar for a Windows Update. Modules that are installed in the $home directory can replace their help at any time, but those of us System32 don't have that option.

    I understand that the CHM won't meet everyone's needs, but I released it at customer request for those who can use it.



  • Thank you. This is pretty useful while working with Customers having restricted internet access.



  • All I want to know is....what exactly is Windows Powershell & what is it used for?  I just found this on my computer...

  • It makes no sense to update and release this CHM file, but not update the CHM in the ISE or the XML help files. It makes the situation worse by causing the help sources to fall out of sync - that's worse than any errors or omissions it fixes.

    This is typical Microsoft bureaurocratic decision making and rationalizing of those decisions.

  • Simplest way to update help - Nice Post

    Get-Help Update-Help -Examples

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Download the Updated Core Help CHM