Managing Hardware devices from PowerShell

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Steve did a very cool blog post last month about managing hardware that implements standard DMTF profiles (examples: Intel AMT , Broadcom TruManage )

He has also published a PowerShell module on TechNet script center to help IT Pros. This module has been built on top of new CIM Cmdlets.


Take a look, and send your feedback.

Osama Sajid

Program Manager, WMI



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  • This blog would be a good place to announce the RTW of WMF 3.0!

  • Not quite a response to this particular post, but now that Server 2012 is Gold, when will Powershell V3 be similarly released?  I'd love to get it into our environment, but I don't want to start deploying the RC only to have to remove and replace in the (hopefully) very near future...

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Managing Hardware devices from PowerShell