WMI cheat sheet for PS users

WMI cheat sheet for PS users

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We got multiple requests to publish the cheat sheet for CIM Cmdlets that was distributed in Tech Ed NA this year. Responding to popular demand, this document is attached as PDF . This is a great resource put together by WMI team for people who want to get started with CIM cmdlets.

Standard disclaimer :-). Cheat sheet is just for a quick start to get people started - real documentation is here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj553783.aspx.



Osama Sajid

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  • Why is it that the link for the "real documentation" (technet.microsoft.com/.../jj553783.aspx) is not included anywhere in the cheat sheet?

    Dear PowerShell team, please update the cheat sheet to include a link to the "real documentation". You do have a section for more info.

  • Thanks for the valuable information.

    I have a query regarding Build-in Cmdlets remoting for example remoting with get-service with -computername parameter

    How does Powershell communicate with remote computer using builtin cmdlets. Is it via WMI? I disabled the WMI service from Remote computer still it is able to fetch the information? is it normal?

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