Windows Management Framework V5 Preview

Windows Management Framework V5 Preview

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The Windows Management Framework V5 Preview is out! Check out Jeffrey Snover's announcement here. The preview contains updates to PowerShell Desired State Configuration, as well as two new features: NetworkSwitch cmdlets and Windows PowerShell OneGet.  OneGet is designed to dramatically simplify how you discover and install software packages, while the NetworkSwitch cmdlets allow you to manage Certified for Windows network switches.  Check out the announcement page for more details.

We're excited to share this preview with you -- let us know what you think. 


PowerShell Team

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  • Can we get some documentation on what's new in the powershell language? Specifically, did you add classes, enums, bigint literals, lexical variables, or lexical variable capture?

  • Upgraded my laptop with new disk and more ram. Installed win 8.1 enterprise with  the 8.1 update and all was well till I tried to install this new version of PowerShell. It fails saying the update is not for my system, but fails to say why. Do I really need to do another OS installation to get this to work.

    And, going forward, how about better error messages? WHY isn't the update suitable, for example.

  • This preview does not install in EN-GB English Windows. It appears to require EN-US. I hope this blog entrty can get updated.

  • Please tell me you added the -StartUpType switch to the "*-Service" cmdlets

    Some other suggestions:

    Enable |↔Tab| autocomplete in "Import-Module" cmdlet ex: Import-Module Act |↔Tab|iveDirectory

    In the ActiveDirectory module you need:

    o a "*-ADSite" suite of cmdlets

    o "*-ADFSMO" or "*-ADOperationMaster" ...  {Get,Transfer,Seize} cmdlets

    o add Set-ADDefaulfContainer -Object [Computers | Users] -Path  <OU=...>

    Add "-Recurse" to "Test-Connection"  and "Move-Item"  cmdlets



  • About OneGet i have some (Security,Trust,Compatibility,Support) concerns... as many ppl on the web seems to share. If u want to make it a success you should address those....

    Some suggestions:

    o Please add "-StartUpType" to the "*-Service" cmdlets

    o Make it possible to |↔Tab| Autocomplete module names in "Import-Module" ex:

                PS> Import-Module Act|↔Tab|iveDirectory

    o Add a "*-ADSite" cmdlets  {Get,New,Set -Description... etc} to AD module

    o Add a "*-ADOperationMaster" cmdlets  {Get,Transfer,Seize} to AD module

    o Set-ADDefaultContainer -[Users | Computers] -Path <DNpath>

    o Add a "-Recourse" to "Test-Connection" and "Move-Item" comdlets



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