Chef with PowerShell DSC Now Public!

Chef with PowerShell DSC Now Public!

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Many of you have seen the demos done by our friends at Chef, which show how they planned to leverage PowerShell DSC.

Those plans are now public as of the publishing of the PowerShell DSC Cookbook for Chef announced in the recent blog post by Adam Edwards.

Check it out here:

The Chef team has been working hard to get this together, and it’s great to see this going live!


- The PowerShell Team

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  • Please add SSH, SCP and SFTP support in Windows via PowerShell. This means no disrespect to Microsoft's remoting solutions but in full honesty those protocols are far more famous in the world.

    You guys can implement those protocols, and cook right into Windows and win hearts of millions worldwide using Windows and dealing with Linux servers in their day jobs.

    Installing Cygwin, WinSCP, Putty or Mingw etc. is far more annoying solution for those simple straight-forward protocols. Built-in support for those three protocols will "ONLY" reflect goodness and will show that Microsoft cares for all sorts of consumer scenarios.

    Thank you in advance for reconsidering this decades old stubborn -- egoistic -- decision and finally doing the right thing.

    - P. Finney

  • @Petrous Finney

    SSH, SCP and SFTP are created by the community. As soon as Microsoft includes this in the OS, ten thousand people step up and want a check. If you want those products, put them in as part of your build/deployment with the software packages you can find.

  • @coderaven

    No that is a wrong assumption. Those are the protocols which Microsoft can implement. Its like implementing TCP protocol.

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