Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview September 2014 is now available

Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview September 2014 is now available

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We’re excited to announce Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview September 2014, a new package publicizing new and exciting management technologies, is now available for download on Download Center!

This version of the preview includes everything in the WMF 5.0 Preview May 2014 and WMF 5.0 Experimental Release July 2014 and some new improvements and scenarios.

The following is a list of all the new scenarios enabled since May 2014:

  • Generate Windows PowerShell cmdlets based on an OData endpoint
  • Manage .ZIP files with new cmdlets
  • DSC Authoring Improvements in Windows PowerShell ISE
  • New Attribute for defining DSC meta-configuration
  • Use partial configurations DSC
  • Cross-computer synchronization through DSC
  • Get the current DSC configuration status
  • Compare, Update, and Publish DSC configurations
  • Audit Windows PowerShell usage by transcription and logging
  • Extract and parse structured objects out of string content
  • Extend the item noun to enable Symbolic Links
  • Develop with classes in Windows PowerShell
  • Register a PSRepository with PowerShell Get
  • Network Switch management through Windows PowerShell (improvements)


You can find more details on all of these scenarios in the Release Notes of WMF 5.0 Preview September 2014, which can be downloaded at the same link as the packages themselves.


This new package installs exclusively on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. If WMF 5.0 Experimental Release July 2014 is already installed on the machine, WMF 5.0 Experimental Release July 2014 must be uninstalled in order to install WMF 5.0 Preview September 2014. 

We’re excited to provide this new iteration of WMF to you all, and we’re happy to hear any and all feedback that you may have. As usual, our main avenue of feedback is Connect:


On behalf of everyone contributing to WMF, we hope you enjoy this Preview release.


John Lisco

PowerShell Program Manager




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  • Your link is to the may preview.  I found the september preview here:

  • Awesome!

  • Looks like OneGet was overhauled in this version. Modules installed via PowerShellGet in earlier WMF 5.0 previews throw all sorts of errors if you run update-module.

    Had to nuke them and re-install.

    Also looks like the chocolatey provider is no longer included/enabled so any such packages installed previously are now orphaned.

    Can chocolatey be added with Register-PSRepository or is that still WIP?

  • This release should be at the top of the People magazines "sexy" list.

  • ConvertFrom-String is unexpected and really cool.

  • When can we expect a non english-only version of the preview?

  • Is the final version going to be made compatible with Windows 7?

  • Can we please have the KB numbers for the May and July previews? We need these numbers to uninstall the previews. All of the links to the May/July previews are redirected to the September preview.

  • I know there is a post a few months back about authoring dsc resources in c# but with the advent of this drop it seems like that is going to change. So armed with nothing more than a huunch I tried this...

    using System;

    using System.Diagnostics;

    using System.Management.Automation;

    namespace SpotLabs.Genesis.PowerShell.Dsc.Azure



       public class Subscription



           public String SubscriptionName { get; set; }


           public String PublishSettingsFile { get; set; }

           public String StorageAccountName { get; set; }

           public Boolean IsCurrent { get; set; }

           public Boolean IsDefault { get; set; }

           public Subscription Get()


               return default(Subscription);


           public Boolean Test()


               return false;


           public void Set()





    just to see what might happen. it's close. what am i doing wrong?

  • Does remote scripting host now supports Transcription?

  • Class support, awesome!  Is it selfish of me to want inheritance too?  Did I just miss the syntax?

  • Thanks for all of the feedback; we’re glad you are enjoying this Preview.  

    To answer some of the questions:

    Damien – OneGet is definitely still getting updated and modified, and we apologize for any hiccups this may have caused.  The Chocolatey provider was removed for this preview, but you will likely have the ability to re-add that provider in the future.  The Register-PSRepository command is only used to add sources of PowerShell Modules (used for Find-Module, Install-Module, and Publish-Module), so it will not be the mechanism used to re-add the Chocolatey provider.  For more info on OneGet, check out

    June – Here’s some information about preview KB numbers:

        • The KB# will change between now and the final release

        • The May Preview KB# is 2894868

                o You do not need to uninstall the May Preview in order to install the September Preview

        • The July Experimental Release KB# is the same as September Preview at 2969050

                o You are expected to uninstall the July Experimental Release before installing the September Preview.

  • Is the final version going to be made compatible with Windows 7?

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