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  • Blog Post: Cmdlet Help Editor is now released on CodePlex

    I published the source code for the Cmdlet Help Editor on CodePlex here: . Please feel free to contribute. for more information on the Cmdlet Help Editor, please check out the following post:
  • Blog Post: Windows PowerShell CTP2 to CTP3 Conversion Guide

    I write a lot of scripts, and, since I blog some of what I write, my home computer has been running Windows PowerShell CTP2 since it came out. Since CTP3 has a number of changes from CTP2, I've got to update my home script library to work with CTP3. While this guide might not have every change that happened...
  • Blog Post: All About Modules

    One of the coolest new features of Windows PowerShell is PowerShell modules.  I've just written a tutorial about how to use them on my personal blog . You can check out the full post for more details, but here are some easy things to remember about modules: Modules can be scripts with functions...
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