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  • Blog Post: New-Workflow –MakeItEasy: Authoring Workflows using PowerShell Extended Syntax

    Some time back, in his blog post , Jeffrey Snover introduced one of the new Windows PowerShell 3.0 feature – Windows PowerShell Workflow . In that post, you saw a glimpse of how to author workflows using PowerShell syntax. This post dives into more details of authoring workflows using PowerShell...
  • Blog Post: Suppressing return values in PowerShell functions

    PSMDTAG:FAQ: How do I supress return values in PowerShell functions? This was asked in a newgroup with the clarification: What I mean is: When you call a function Foo that returns a bool, PS will write 'True' or 'False' to the screenby default. Is there anyway to get it to stop writing those...
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