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  • Blog Post: WPF & PowerShell - Part 6 (Running Functions in the Background)

    For the next part in the series, I've introduced another update to the Show-Control function you first met in Part 4. In this update, I've added the ability to run the control you've created in a background runspace as a switch. In order to do this, Show-Control employs a neat little trick. It actually...
  • Blog Post: WPF & PowerShell -- Part 4 (XAML & Show-Control)

    We're not halfway through our week of WPF, and I'm pretty sure at this point that you have an all right grounding in the basics of WPF & PowerShell, but so far, the scripts haven't really been very much like most PowerShell scripts, and the UIs have not been like most WPF UIs. The scripts have been...
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