Until you get to use the swanky new Whidbey UI for navigating your solution you might find this add-in helpfull. JWPayne posted about it first here on the GDN powertoys forum. From his post:

VS File Finder creates a new tool window in the IDE that lists all the files in the currently open solution. Next to the list of files there is an edit control to let you quickly narrow down the list of files to just the ones containing the letters you type. Once you see the file you are interested in, you can click on it to open it.
I created this add-in to help me find files in a large solution I am working on. The solution has a few thousand files spread across fifteen projects and it can be hard to find the file I want in the normal Solution Explorer or using the file dialog. VS File Finder is designed to solve this problem. 
Note: After installing, you will need to click the "VS File Finder" menu item to display the file finder window (it is not displayed by default).

- Josh