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August, 2004

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    Regions Add-In for VS.NET 2003

    I found this one submitted as an entry to the contest . It's simple, does just what it says it will do, and makes organizing larger code files with regions a whole lot easier. I was doing this recently with the VSCmdShell project and this add-in save...
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    Visual Assist X from Whole Tomato Software

    People send me mail that asks "What about Visual Assist X?". This blog gets comments like "Tool X is nothing compared to the Whole Tomato stuff". In chats I've seen "Why don't you guys just buy the Whole Tomato stuff and ship it in the box?". I'll admit...
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    PagePorter Professional 1.0 to Ease Frontpage <-> Visual Studio Migration

    Honestly, I haven't been able to try this one out since there is a restriction on the install if you have VS 2005 on the machine, but it looked to cool not to post it. Robert E. Weatherford left the following comment to the powertoys blog that describes...
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