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December, 2004

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    WSCF 0.4 "Web services Contract-First, for real"

    We featured the WsContractFirst Add-In in an earlier post , but Christian let me know they have a much improved release of WSCF now. Check out the walkthrough for complete details . New Features in v0.4 (compared to v0.3): WSDL creation wizard Abstracts...
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    Free Visual Studio Partner Product DVD

    I should have covered this a long time ago, but I was reminded today by Brian that we offer a free VSIP partner product DVD . I can't tell from the site which ones are the full versions and which ones are only demos, but it doesn't cost much to find out...
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    Poor Man's Bracket Matching Macro

    David sent me mail about his " Poor Man's Bracket Matching Macro ". (Click link for Macro Code) From his site: "I usually assign it to CTRL + 9 key combination. Now, go to your source and put caret before or after any bracket. Press CTRL + 9. Matching...
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    CodeShare Addin for your Enterprise

    Nauman sent me mail about his latest VS Addin that can be used to share code snippets across your internal enterprise. It looks pretty cool. - Josh Official Article: http://weblogs.asp.net/nleghari/articles/codeshareaddin.aspx "With this new plugin and...
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    MZ-Tools 4.0 the "all-in-one" add-in for VS .Net 2002 and 2003

    Via The Daily Grind " MZ-Tools 4.0 for Visual Studio .NET - I used MZ-Tools for VB6; it's a great set of add-ins. I hadn't realized that there was a version for VB .NET with such features as fast control name editing, some refactoring, private clipboards...
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