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May, 2005

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    Merge Multiple .NET Assemblies into One with ILMerge

    Someone from MSR forwarded me the link to ILMerge. It lets you combine multiple assemblies into one without opening up the source code. Enjoy - josh From the ILMerge Site ILMerge is a utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies...
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    RE: ASP.NET Development Helper

    From the Powertoys mailbag. This is a cool IE add-on that adds some helpfull information to IE when you are debugging your web apps. - josh A few weeks ago, I got a question about the WebResources feature not doing its expected client-caching as...
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    Snippet Editor for VB.NET 2005

    This is pretty cool. Add your own customized snippets to the VS. 2005 snippet Library. I'm just waiting for someone to download the source from the workspace and put these snippets into RSS feeds to be consumed in VS from blogs. :-) josh The .NET...
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    Visual Studio 2005 beta cleanup tool

    Need to spread the word about this. - josh Wow, did you know that there is a Visual Studio 2005 cleanup tool that is suppossed to help cleanup any types of leftover "stuff" from a previous install of a beta or CTP of Visual Studio 2005? I just ran...
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