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August, 2005

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    gotdotnet CodeGallery for ongoing Sample Sharing and Development

    Via Korby I am proud to announce the public release of CodeGallery , the newest member of the gotdotnet family. Gotdotnet.com is the community website where professional Windows and .NET developers from around the world can contribute and consume code...
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    VS Content Installer Power Toys

    Via Craig The first release of the VS Content Installer Power Toys are now available. You will need a recent build of VS (I tested with the August CTP, but the July version may also work) to use these tools. Remember, they are still a beta build, so...
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    VC++ Powertoys from GDN

    I don't know how I missed these, but there exists a collection of VC++ powertoys on the GDN site. The full descriptions are found in this document , but I've copied them down here as well. Name - Description Delta - Watch a directory (either local...
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