I don't know how I missed these, but there exists a collection of VC++ powertoys on the GDN site. The full descriptions are found in this document, but I've copied them down here as well.

Name - Description
Delta - Watch a directory (either local or remote) and see when items in it get changed.
FindDir - Find a directory on a server
Windows Installer Log Parser - Graphical Viewer for log files generated from Windows Installer Setups (verbose log file). Also has a quiet mode to generate an HTML page that annotates the log.
Depends - Scans a Windows Module and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependant modules
Window Control - COM Object allowing simple manipulation of windows via scripting languages. Eg setting window text, moving, clicking, activating and showing / hiding windows
SpCheck - Service Pack Checker will check the origin of many different components on a system
Err - Lookup Error Constants in a number of NT Tables
ProcWait - Waits for 1 or more processes to terminate and inherits their return values. Useful for synchronization scripts
C++ IFilter -  C++ IFilter for Indexing Service. Makes searching C++ code extremely fast (usually used in conjunction with a search utility such as ci.exe or srch.exe provided)
Ci - Command-line search tool for Indexing Service (see C++ IFilter)
Srch - Graphical search tool for Indexing Service (see C++ IFilter)
Wear - Reports all matches for an exe in the path
JumpWin -  Move an application from 1 monitor to another (when using multimon) at the touch of a key.
Remoted - Software Switchbox. Control multiple computers by moving your mouse to the edge of a screen.
Backinfo-  Generates a wallpaper with System Data (eg machine name)
KAPIMon - This does not work on XP (will crash the machine). Debugging Framework based on Kernel and User API Hooks.
SmartAny - Never leak a resource again! This template library for generic resource management makes resource management a breeze!

GRETA - This is a great regular expression library that supports full Perl 5 syntax.

Remoted and JumpWin are my personal favorites.

Download the package today: http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/cplusplus/powertools/powertools.zip