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  • Blog Post: Spell Checking your Source Code

    I’m going to try something new today… a pseudo review/comparison of two similar add-ins that people recently mailed me. Please let me know if you are interested in this style more in the future or if it was even helpful. I’ll remind readers of this blog that these opinions are mine and do not form any...
  • Blog Post: Visual Assist X from Whole Tomato Software

    People send me mail that asks "What about Visual Assist X?". This blog gets comments like "Tool X is nothing compared to the Whole Tomato stuff". In chats I've seen "Why don't you guys just buy the Whole Tomato stuff and ship it in the box?". I'll admit, they do some great work through our extensibility...
  • Blog Post: VB6 MouseWheel Fix via Add-in

    Thanks to dredge , today I discovered a solution for THE problem that plagued me since I started programming in VB6... The VB6 MouseWheel Fix!!! Now when I have to maintain my old VB6 projects I feel much more confortable... :-) UPDATE: Many Thanks to robgruen, the original developer of the...
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