In this blog, I will discuss about the following questions that you may have:

  1. I would like to exclude an application from action recording i.e. no action on that application should get into my action recording. How can I do that?
  2. I would like actions to get recorded only when I perform actions on a few applications? How do I achieve that?

To achieve these, you will have to first create new test settings and associate it with your test plan. In the new test settings, go to the “Data and Diagnostics” step. You will notice a screen like below:


Notice the Configure button next to “Action Recording ….”.Click on it. You will see the following dialog(snipped):


You can notice the list of applications here. If you select “All applications running….except….” option, this list serves as an “Exclusion list”. By default, few applications are excluded from recording. These include office applications, remote desktop app, e.t.c. If you need to exclude few more applications, you can add it to this list. This answers question (1) above.

If you want to ensure that action recording happens only on specific applications, switch to the next option “Applications in the following list”. You will notice that the list becomes empty as soon as you select the next option. You can add the list of applications to be action recorded here.


I have chosen actions only on calc.exe to be recorded. This answers question (2) above.

As I had already mentioned, the default selection (which is what most of you will encounter the first time) is to exclude few applications from action recording. If you are unable to record actions on a few applications, one of the reasons could be that this application is in the default “Exclusion list”.