August, 2012

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    Customizing the login UI when using OAuth/OpenID

    Update 1/11/2013: Fixing the code for webforms In the last post I showed how you can plug in your own OAuth/OpenID provider. This post shows you how you can pass in extra data about the provider such as display name, image etc and use this information...
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    Plugging custom OAuth/OpenID providers

    In the previous post , I wrote about how you can use the existing providers for Google, Facebook etc. and retrieve extra metadata about the authenticated users. Let’s assume you wanted to change the way the providers request for information. Some examples...
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    Extra Information from OAuth/OpenId Provider

    When you authenticate a user using the OAuth/OpenId providers, you can request for some extra information about the user if you have granted access for these providers to send this information. For eg if you login using Facebook, you can request information...
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    Releasing Microsoft ASP.NET Universal Providers Core 1.2

    I hope everyone has been busy downloading Visual Studio 2012 and have started building awesome web applications. We have been busy too during this time. We have just released an update to the version of Universal Providers that shipped with VS2012. Following...
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