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    Thanks To Raymond, I Revamped My Blog UI ! Again !!

    Yeah, i did it again! why ? because i felt that my blog is too plain..empty..so i wanted to change it as i always liked raymond's blog so i thought..why not raymond this time :) so just to give you an insight of what have i stole borrowed from raymond...
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    Well ..i know i didn't post since a few days

    I am real busy since a few days ..but yes i am collecting matter for you guys..so whenever i am free i already have a few posts to write about.. 1) About Sharepoint.Createdocument 2) About using WMI for remote execution 3) About some cool JavaScript Stuff...
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    Lost Blog Power ?

    Scoble is asking ..did he loose his blog power Hey believe me you are still populer and we all love you .. atleast at MS, every now and then your topic comes in our internal blogging alias but the question is did you really loose your "blog power"......
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    OWC Resources Hard To Find ?

    A few days back i got a feedback from a customer that OWC resources are hard to find so i sent him a mail with all the resources i had, but then i thought how many times i did it in the past at least 9-10 times ! This is just an attempt to put all the...
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