Vista "Open With" is abit confusing !(and I don't want you to get confused)

Vista "Open With" is abit confusing !(and I don't want you to get confused)

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Surely I wouldn't want my readers to be confused by the same things. So, here it goes:


Issue - 1:

When "Open With" dialog box is opened (for a known or unknown file extension),  "Always use the selected program .." is checked by default



Issue - 2:

When this dialog box is opened for a known file extension the "Other Programs" list *looks* empty by default. There are two ways to see the "Other Programs". Both are kindda confusing (see the callouts in the image below)


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  • I agree it's confusing, badly so. But if you are an end user it's probably good since it lowers the chance of them associating .docx to paint or something equally stupid.

  • I can't get it to work at all, I browse to another program, and it just wont let me.

  • i was opening a software but i acciddently picked open with and i picked adobe but it said error and now every software i open always opens with adobe and i cant get the default back even when i change adobe to something else it still doesnt work. what do i do?

  • Open with in Vista is horrible and never works properly.

  • You can hold the Shift key and right click on a file to open an Open With dialog box, even after you've chosen "Always use the selected program".

  • I also have a strange problem. With me I get the 'open with' dialog, but even after selecting FF3 for opening Html files, it still openes them in IE8. I checked the 'always op with' option, but FF isn't even listed anywhere. I always have to select the physical location of FF to open it properly. I get the same result when selecting a different XML editor since the default one sucks bigtime for editing XML files.

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