This is my first Blog and am pretty excited to get started. For now, let me be done with the introduction.


I am a QA Lead in the Visual Studio for Devices team working out of the India Development Centre.


I joined Microsoft and this team a little over two years back during the Whidbey Beta2 timeframe. For the rest of the Whidbey lifecycle I worked on  Data development scenarios for Smart Devices. I am also proud of just having been through the complete Orcas (VS 2008) life cycle. As part of Orcas, I have contributed to the Smart Device Unit Testing support. For those who are not aware, yes we now have test driven development for smart devices integrated well into the IDE.  This feature enables creation, management and execution of tests for device applications built on the .NET Compact Framework. And it uses the same familiar Visual Studio interface as that supported in the  Visual Studio Team Test for unit testing desktop applications!


In my blogs I will aim to answer questions and share some thoughts around Unit Testing in the Smart Devices arena and Smart Device development in general. So stay tuned!