The Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) Beta has just released. You can install it from 

This version is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 RTM. If you have Visual Studio 2010 RTM installed, the WPDT will automatically light up VS for phone development and you should be able to continue to use Visual Studio 2010 RTM for the same.


 Uninstalling older WPDT

 If you have the CTP bits of WPDT installed, you will need to uninstall them before installing beta.

Please see the below points if you are facing issues in uninstalling the WPDT CTP.

1. When un-installing you are asked to install Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 RC

Cause for this: Users have installed the Sillverlight 4.0 RTM or later version Runtime after installing Windows Phone Developer Tools - CTP

Workaround: Install the SL 4.0 Developer Runtime and then uninstall the CTP.


 2. When un-installing you get a prompt to install some components like Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0, Windows Phone Extensions.

Cause for this: Very likely you have un-installed the product using Add/Remove Programs


a. Proceed with install of all the listed components.

Then Select the No option in the install source page and click Install to all the listed components when you see this dialog

b. Repeat uninstall. This time the product should uninstall completely

If the above steps, do not help you in uninstalling, you can use the cleanup tool at  to uninstall WPDT CTP


Installing WPDT Beta

 While installing WPDT Beta, you may hit upon the following issues:


1.       Blocker Dialog

WPDT Beta will block installation if some of the requirements are not met. You will see a dialog like this:

Cause for this: Setup has detected there are some conditions that could get your machine in an bad state and hence prevents the install of Beta.

For example-

a. Some incompatible products/versions are installed as listed. (SL 4.0 SDK RC version, Visual Studio 2010 RC or Beta version, etc.)

b. Some process is running that can impact install. E.g. (devenv.exe)

c. or Disk space is not sufficient


Action: Follow the instructions specified in the dialog which will usually be quite explicit about what needs to happen. Like

a. Uninstall the incompatible version of SL 4.0 SDK/Dev10 RC

b. terminate the devenv process if that is running

c. or Free up required space on disk

And then retry installation; hopefully this should get you unblocked.


 2.  Blend 4 for windows phone installation failure

During CTP, Blend for windows phone was available for download seperately. In WPDT Beta, Blend 4 for Windows Phone is included in the default installation.

On few occasions, Blend 4 for Windows phone may fail during installation.

Possible cause:  The installation of Blend 4 for Windows Phone may fail if there is pending reboot on your system.

 Action:  For such cases, post installation, reboot the system, and install Blend using the below instructions:

 From Add Remove Programs, select Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta - ENU, click uninstall/Change, choose Install Optional Components and proceed

with the wizard with Blend 4 for Windows Phone checked.


 With this you should have successfully installed WPDT Beta and jump into windows phone app development.

 In case you are still facing issues in installing WPDT Beta, request you to run the log collection tool , upload the generated in the TEMP folder to a file server such as and then let us know of the issue using the Windows Phone 7 Forum