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October, 2008

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    Mobile MVC framework (part 3) - communicating with events

    Just for people who are not comfortable with passing strings when notifiying the view or the controller, I've added the functionality to use events instead. You would not need to hook into the events explicitly because the controller will take care of...
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    Mobile MVC framework (part 2)

    Last time I showed you how to create a simple Login Form and pass the data between the View and Controller using ViewData dictionary. In this post I am going to show you how to pass a strongly typed data. We will continue working with code sample we...
  • Alex Yakhnin's Blog

    Mobile MVC framework (part 1)

    In order to show you the Mobile MVC framework I came up with, let me walk you through the same excersise we did when I showed you the MVC pattern . Let's create a simple application with the same login form. Let's create a Smart Devices project and rename...
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    On a quest for MVC Framework

    I've just got back from a long and big project with one of our customers for whom we have created an elaborate S(ales)F(ource)A(utomation) application. I'd say it's not an application, but a system that involved an enterprise wide integration with the...
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