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January, 2009

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    Functional WinForms (or Generic Control Creation 2)

    Continuing on this mental exercise that I started in my last post . In this post I started throwing some ideas on how we can utilize the features of C# 3.0 language enhancements (or how it’s fashionable to call it now “functional programming”) in the...
  • Alex Yakhnin's Blog

    Generic control creation.

    I've been doing a lot of coding lately that utilize the features of the C# 2.0 and 3.0 language enhancements such as generics, Func delegates, anonymous types etc... And then it hit me that we are still using the old and clumsy coding style when developing...
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    Memory and performance on WM blog.

    If you are serious about Windows Mobile development than you don't want to miss the Rafaele's blog . He's got some very useful posts such as improving startup performance of the managed app, tips on troubleshooting the out of memory issues, etc...
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