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March, 2009

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    Dimming the background.

    I've received a question from the customer the other day asking me how he can implement functionality of "dimming" background effect when a message box is shown in his Windows Mobile application. In fact it should be pretty easy to do utilizing the DrawAlpha...
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    TechDays - 24 hour virtual event

    I will be participating in the TechDays next week on April 1st. It's a 24 hour virtual event with almost a hundred sessions that will be repeated for different time zones for people across the globe. I was asked to repeat the Creating Compelling and Attractive...
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    Another Webcast on controls customization.

    Next week I am going to present a second part of the series on creating attractive UIs on Windows Mobile devices. This time I will show you how to customize built-in controls that come with .NET CF, such as TextBox, DataGrid, ListView etc... You can...
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