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April, 2009

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    Update to MobileMVC with Container

    I've recently made a substantial update to the MobileMVC framework . I've added the ability to utilize a (D)epenendcy (I)njection container by adding IControllerProvider interface into the framework which looks like this: public interface IControllerProvider...
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    Bluetooth on the emulator.

    Would you like to develop applications that utilize the bluetooth functionality on the WM emulator? Now you can. Check out this article on CodeProject:
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    The article on Compelling UI has been published.

    My article on the UIFramework that I presented during my webcasts has been published on MSDN:
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    More memory for managed apps.

    Check out the Rob's blog post in which he describes the technique that can help you to allocate less memory when creating managed applications on Windows Phones:
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