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March, 2010

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    Deep Zoom on WP7

    The Deep Zoom (Seadragon) functionality has been available on Silverlight since version 2. It's a techonology that provides the ability to interactively view high-resolution images. The images need to be prepared using available tools like Deep Zoom Composer...
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    Windows 7 Phone Tools CTP are out.

    So, the Windows 7 Phone tools are out for everybody to start developing your apps. Here's the link to the developer portal: I would like to direct your attention to the following documents, before you start...
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    Notable WP7 links (1)

    A few notable links and information related to WP7 development: Peter desribes how to deal with Orientation changes on the WP7 device. The product group has just made available some application bar icons for download . Changing on-screen keyboard...
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    Accessing WCF Data Services from WP7 CTP.

    The current version of the WP7 tools doesn't allow you to use the WCF Data Services by just adding service a from the VS environment. This workthrough will show you how you can still use OData services from the WP7. (Disclaimer: Even though I work...
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    WP7 Interesting and usefull links.

    As you probably know the MIX10 is currently going on in Vegas and it's presentations are available online which have a lot of very useful information about WP7 development: Such as: Building Windows Phone Applications...
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