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August, 2010

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    Creating List Picker for WP7.

    For the application that I am working on right now I needed a control that would allow a user to select a single item from a small list. Similar to how the list picker is defined in the design templates : This document also specifies that when the...
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    Creating a Splash Screen with a progress bar for WP7 applications.

    If you have seen the demo of the sample application "USGA Shot Tracker" that was created by the UX and design team at Microsoft to demonstrate the principles of the UX on WP7 platform, you have probably noticed how the app is displaying a splash screen...
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    Creating Round Image Button for WP7 (part 3)

    In my previous post I described a programmatic way to change an icon for the Round Image button (or any other control for that matter) in your WP7 application by creating the ThemedImageConverter class. However, if you are able to create a XAML vector...
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    Creating Round Image Button for WP7 (part 2)

    Last time I showed you how I created a Round image Button for my Windows Phone 7 application. Today I am going to show you one of the ways to address a common issue with displaying images in your application that would need to be changed depending on...
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    Creating Image Round Button for WP7 (part 1)

    When creating a Windows Phone 7 application I've encountered a need for a round button with an icon, similar to what the native applications on the phone have: So, I set on the path of creating one by myself. Since we've been armed with the power...
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    Creating LINQ Data provider for WP7 (part 2)

    In my previous post I described how to create a simple LINQ data provider for WP7 . Today I am going to show you how we can make use of this library as well as Push Notifications functionality that is available for WP7 to create a custom data sync sample...
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