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December, 2010

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    FeedPoint app has been published.

    The feed reader app that I've been talking about in my previous posts has been published on the marketplace: I've decided not to make it a free app (it just...
  • Alex Yakhnin's Blog

    MY FEEDER is available for beta testing.

    The feed reader app that I described in my previous post is ready to for beta testing. So if you own a developer unlocked Window Phone 7, have Google Reader account and willing to beta test the app (I named it MY FEEDER) send me email at alex.yakhnin...
  • Alex Yakhnin's Blog

    (Y)et (A)nother (F)eed (R)eader for WP7

    I don't know how about you, but I love the Outlook app on the Windows Phone 7. I like its simplicity, readability, ability to quickly triage the email, etc... I also read feeds every day using the Google Reader on the web. I've been looking through a...
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