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August, 2012

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    Unity for WinRT

    If you're In need for a DI and IOC container framework, you can get a port of the Unity for WinRT here:
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    How to display charms on a top of the WebView.

    I've been moving along in my development of the FeedPoint app to WinRT. And as a good citizen of the Modern UI I needed to implement app contracts such as search, share and settings which become available for a user via charms. When displaying Accounts...
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    How to emulate Navigating event in the WebView.

    While working on the Win8 version of the FeedPoint app , I've encountered the situation when I needed to be able to intercept a navigation in the WebView control via the link click from the user and show a full browser window instead. Unfortunately the...
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    More details on how to use SQLite with Windows 8 apps

    Tim Heuer has posted a walkthrough on how to install the SQLite runtime package for your WinRT apps and how to use it from your managed or native code:
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