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September, 2012

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    Charts for your Win8 app.

    One of the Microsoft employees Mahmoud Medhat Mousse has created an open source project on which implements chart controls such as Pie Chart, Stacked Bar , Stacked Column , Stacked Line , Line Chart , Area Chart for the Modern UI which as...
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    The video of the FeedPoint.

    I've made a good progress in my work to port the FeedPoint app for Win8. Functionality wise it should be 95% feature complete. I've recorded a short video of app's UX:
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    Excellent Win8 Labs for developers.

    An excellent labs for developers learning how to develop for Win8 have just been published . It's a step by step walk through on how to create Contoso Cookbook application. I've been using these labs for the last few months when working with customers...
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    How to restore scroll position of the GridView when navigating back.

    When developing WinRT applications which utilize GridView or ListView controls you'd come to the situation when navigating back to a page, you need to restore the scroll position of aforementioned controls. The solution that you can employ in this case...
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