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November, 2007

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    Microsoft Search Server 2008

    Its there and its there to rock!! Microsoft Search Server 2008 is launched. Read what Forrester has to say about it... "...MSSE has a substantial set of capabilities, most notably its connectivity to many intranet- and Internet-based resources, including...
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    Remotely reboot Windows Server 2003

    I know I know its a SharePoint Blog. But I faced this problem in my server farm and thought of posting it so that it helps somebody else too... So this is what happened:- I came to office and logged on to my Remote Desktop Console to take a look in my...
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    Crawl Lotus from MOSS

    One of the great feature of Microsoft Enterprise Search - crawling a Notes Database through MOSS. Though the protocol handler is installed by default with the MOSS installation it is not enabled by default. To enable the crawler to work read the great...
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