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    Team System and Sarbanes Oxley

    I'm pleased to say MSDN has just published our paper on Team System and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). There seems to be some confusion around SOX and software development. SOX isn't a standard for software, and no software tool can make a business "SOX compliant...
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    Bugs past, present and future - predicting the bug trend for your next project

    Recently we’ve been reviewing what Excel reports we could offer to support TFS customers. We think Excel is a powerful platform that allows manipulation and exploration of your TFS data beyond RDL reports (SQL Server Reporting Services). The particular...
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    What sample docs do you want? What's useful?

    On the VSTS process team we're currently looking at the next round of Sample documents to include in a future Agile template. We'd be very interested to know what you'd like to see included. Our goal is to be "broadly applicable", which means we...
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    So tell us what you think... about the MSF guidance

    Recently I've been talking with the MSF team about the future of the MSF guidance in Team System. Two themes have come up: firstly, how to make it better, more focussed, more relevant. And secondly, how to make the MSF guidance "enactable", in other words...
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    Fragile Agile?

    Recently I reviewed a troubled project that over-ran (and over-spent) in delivering a custom Sharepoint solution to a customer. The project claimed to be "agile", by which they meant there was very little structure around the development process. Looking...
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    Hello, (process) world!

    By way of introduction, my name is Andrew Delin and I am the new product planner for the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) on the Patterns and Practices (P&P) team at Redmond, responsible for the direction of MSF in Visual Studio Team System. I...
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