By way of introduction, my name is Andrew Delin and I am the new product planner for the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) on the Patterns and Practices (P&P) team at Redmond, responsible for the direction of MSF in Visual Studio Team System. I joined from the Microsoft Services organisation and have a long history of advising customer software projects about getting (and staying) on track. Like many of you, I've felt both the success and failure of team software development efforts...

I look forward to listening and sharing ideas with the process community, that is anyone who cares about how teams perform the task of software development and how the tools could support your chosen methodology better.

I am very excited to have joined P&P: this is a group that has the ability to offer both in-sync and out-of-band content releases - we don't have to wait for the next major product cycle.

More to follow. Please feel free to contact me via this blog or through the MSF forum.

Andrew Delin