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  • Blog Post: Motley says: “Kinect is where he’s at”

    Motley: Man, I have not seen that James guy around in months. I think he must have left us. Maven: No, don’t give up hope. It’s true he hasn’t been too active here, but he’s got a side gig. Motley: Side gig? Eavesdropping on us and reiterating our conversations to the world...
  • Blog Post: Maven and Motley have Faces!

    Thanks to the brilliant work of a coworker and friend, Fred Chao, Maven and Motley now have faces! You can see them in the title bar of the blog and in the about page. Thanks, Fred! Motley: Maven:
  • Blog Post: Happy New Year from Maven and Motley!

    Hello all, Happy New Year! Hope you had an enjoyable and restful holiday season with your friends and family. Maven and Motley are back from their extended hibernation. I was out of town for the majority of November and a good chunk of December, so that left little time for spying and reporting...
  • Blog Post: Maven and Motley on hiatus through November

    Hello faithful readers! I just wanted to say that Maven and Motley will be on hiatus through the month of November 2008. I will be on vacation and Maven and Motley will be coming with me :-). I'll try and get one more post in before I leave, but no promises. In the meantime, please let me know...
  • Blog Post: Progressive Development Moving to Biweekly Publication

    Hello faithful readers! A small announcement: I have decided that with the summer months approaching here in the Pacific Northwest I am going to decrease the frequency of blog posts for a while to once every two weeks (biweekly). The reasons are several: Work is taking up quite a bit of time...
  • Blog Post: Motley says: "James is taking advantage of us again" -- Progressive Development wins an award!

    [Context: Motley just found out that James has been taking advantage of the conversations between Maven and him, and he's not pleased] Motley: Hey Mave, do you see James around anywhere?? Maven: You know him - he's always eavesdropping on our conversations. Wait - I just saw his head pop up and...
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