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  • Blog Post: Motley says: "Reflection is for mirrors" (Scrum Part IV)

    Summary Motley: Reflection is for mirrors. We just finished a sprint. Why open up old wounds? Maven: At the end of a sprint, do a demo for stakeholders, customers, and the team. Do a retrospective to reflect on what went well and what requires improvement. Continually improve the team from...
  • Blog Post: Motley says: "Consulting? I guess your answer from here on out is 'It depends'" (HPT Part 1)

    Summary Motley: How could a consulting methodology help me? There's no way - I work in a product company. Maven: Human Performance Technology (HPT) is an effective consulting methodology that uses a simple process to identify the root cause of human performance issues and build creative solutions...
  • Blog Post: Motley says: "Ugh, not again..."

    Summary Motley: Developers keep making the same mistakes over and over. Can't they learn?!? Some kind of punishment is in order, like no more free soda! Maven: Don't just address the symptom - get to the root cause of a problem. Leverage the "Five Why's" to find root cause and come up with...
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