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June, 2006

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    Project Server Data Migration - Cheat Sheet


    Data Migration can be a long difficult progress. In Project 2007 we made a lot of investiments to make this process a lot smoother for users.


    This post provides a list of quick steps to migrate your Project Server 2003 data into Project Server 2007. I've done it several times and it works well. If there are any failures, the log gives you detailed information for troubleshooting the issue.


    This list doesn't provide a detailed documentation of the process or all the detailed steps or how to troubleshoot problems. For that, refer to the Beta 2 documentation.


    1)    Install Project Server 2007 and provision a Project Web Access site


    2)    Backup your clean Project databases (all 4 of them). If you run into problems you can restore the databases and start over


    3)     Get your Project 2003 database ready. Restore an existing Project 2003 database onto the same SQL server as the Project Server 2007. Or create a linked server on the Project Server 2007 SQL Server (SQL Server instance->Security->Linked Servers). Link it to the Project Server 2003 SQL Server. In the security tab choose ‘be made with this security context’ and give a SQL Auth account (Eg. user: sa   password:<whatever>)


    4)    Install Project 2007 Professional and choose the “install migration tool” advanced option in setup


    5)    Change the default Migration ini file that gets installed with Project Professional (you can find it at \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\ P12MIGRATION.INI.SAMPLE)  Add in the right values for Project Server 2003 databases, Project Server 2003 Linked SQL Server, Project Server 2007 PWA etc. ***Spend some time to make sure all your parameters are valid. There are detailed explanation of each parameter***


    6)     Run the migration tool from the command line:   "<drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\p12migrationtool.exe" -c "<location>\p12migration.ini"


    7)     Look at the command line/migration log to make sure everything is fine. If not, do corrections and re-run migration tool - it should start from where it stopped last.  If there is a irrecoverable problem, make changes in Project Server 2003, restore the clean Project Server 2007 databases and retry migration.


    8)     If you have any local windows accounts (eg. <Machine\Brad Sutton>), make sure you use PWA->edit user functionality to edit those accounts so that they are valid.


    9)     Go to the migrated PWA site as an admin, edit each migrated security category, go to the “Views – add to category” section and add the ‘My Work’ set of views to the category. If you don’t add these views, migrated users will not be able to see any views when they navigate to the ‘My work’ page.


    10)  Go to PWA->Server Settings->Operational policies->project workspace provisioning settings and choose ‘Automatically create a project workspace…” option. This is the more common option.  If you don’t want workspaces to be created automatically, you need not do this.


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