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Submit Feedback Directly to the Project Team

Submit Feedback Directly to the Project Team

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In an effort to enable more direct communication with our users, we have setup a Microsoft Connect site for Project.  You can now submit bugs that you have found in Project 2007 and suggestions for features you would like to see in future releases of Project directly to the Project team.  While we may not be able to directly respond to every submission, we do promise to read and consider every bug and feature suggestion we receive.


Follow these steps to submit feedback -

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Available Connections”
  3. Select “Microsoft Office Project 2007”
  4. Click the Feedback link on the left.


On the feedback page you can submit bugs and feature suggestions by clicking on the “Submit Feedback” link.  You can also search feedback submitted by other users and add comments, votes, and validations.  Vote on whether you agree with the bug/feature suggestion and use validations to indicate if you have experienced the same problem.


Note, you don’t have to sign in to search existing feedback, but you must sign in with a Windows Live ID or Microsoft Passport account to submit new feedback or comments on existing feedback.  To log in, click the sign in button in the top right-hand corner of the page.


If you are a part of the Office 2007 Technical Beta, you should continue to use the same bug submission tools you have been using.

  • Project Server 2007

    i am not able to log a bug... do i need to get registered first for to do that..?
  • I can't post feedback either.

    I'll put it here.  

    What I think would be valuable would be a constraints diagnostic Table/View pair with some base formulas already wroked out.

    Multiple predecessor shows as flag,
    Start no earlier constraint is x days later than the status date.

    Sometimes the constraining logic can be hard to understand, newer users will often not get the positive reinforcement needed to learn good use of Project if correct results are both elusive and not understood. Constraint diagnostics can help with that.
  • You have to log in to the site to be able to post bugs and feedback.  The log in button is on the top right corner of the page.

    John, thanks for the feedback.

  • Found the login and I login under passport fine. (SignOUT) displayed, there is no feedback button maybe I'm not in the correct team or group or membership
  • Hmmm, I'm not sure then.  I'll investigate this next week and get back to you.

  • Is there any feeback site for Excel?

    I found a bug in Excel copy-paste between two sessions.

  • Excel doesn't have a Connect site setup.  You can try submitting feedback to their newsgroup:

    For the people having issues logging feedback, are you able to see the feedback link on the left and if so, when you follow it do you get the submit feedback link at the top of the page?

  • Thanks I will try there..
  • Is there a KB for Project Server 2007? I'm not seeing much activity on the blog or on the connection web site. I'd like to do more to research my issues with the beta but I lack resources. None of what I've searched for is in TechNet or the Project Server KB.
  • William, generally KB articles are written after we ship the product. If you are using the Project 2007 Beta 2, you should have also gotten access to a known issues list that was specific to Beta 2. Another similar list will be released with Beta 2 Technical Refresh.

  • This is probably not the place for my comments but maybe you could direct me to the right people.

    I developed an expansion to MS Project a couple of years ago to help our Project managers capture project purchase costs as well as labour costs. The application generates some very useful project charts and tables that are not standard in MS Project. It also manages a project BOM (Bill of Materials) and purchases.

    Check out my web site for a brief description:

    My application works by exporting the Project Schedule from MS Project and importing it into my  application where the data is expanded to capture the costs not captured in Project.

    If Microsoft are interested in my application is there anyway I could get a job with Microsoft? (again - not the place for this)

  • I lost my beta key and had to reformat my drive can anyone send me their key for porject professional 2007?

  • Hello, nice site look this:

    End ^) See you

  • Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

  • I'm really happy that this site exists - if only every Microsoft product had one! However there are bold references to Beta 2 on the home page and no recent comments from Microsoft support staff. This doesn't instil a lot of confidence that Microsoft read this site and want to fix bugs/improve the product.

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