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Project Server - Outlook Integration

Project Server - Outlook Integration

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The Program Manager in Outlook (Melissa) and one of our Program Managers here in Project (Jon) collaborated on a post explaining the integration between Project Server and Outlook in this release. These posts go into nice detail about how you can manage your tasks directly from Outlook. This is an especially important feature for team members, whom most likely don't have access to Project Professional. The post is broken down into 2 parts:

Hope this will help you understand the integration between the 2 applications.

  • Hi Melissa,

    I see periodic requests in the Project newsgroups for details on how to get Project Standard to communicate with Outlook.  Early versions had a built in facility, but Project 2003 requires special fiddling to get some sort of communication.  What are the options for Project Standard 2007 to integrate with Outlook 2007?  If this facility won't be available, why?

    Mike Glen

    Project MVP

  • As above, I am a single user of both Outlook 2007 and Project 2007. I constantly update tasks in Outlook that I would like to "single click" and have them appear in a Project 2007 schedule so that I can organise with other projects.  Project server is out of the question for me, as well as retyping (too many mistakes!).

    Is there a solution to this?

    Carl Webb

    Project Engineer

  • I have installed the Project Server 2007 add-in for Outlookseveral times I am using Outlook 2003 english version (Not US). I assume Project server is also a english but not sure how to check. The initial message that I receive from Outlook after the add-in is successfully installed is:

    "The language of the Project Add-in for Outlook must match the language of Outlook. Uninstall the  add-in and reinstall a matching language version."

    Subsequent installations do not have this message but no components are added to Outlook, nor can I add them manually.  What should I do?


  • Hi,

    We have 3 workstations that are crashing with the outlook plugin for project server 2007.

    Is there a new version coming out soon or is there the intention of releasing this as a source project?


  • Hi,

    I am using project server 2007 and I have successfully installed outlook plug in for project server. However when I try to connect to my PWA site it is giving this error message--

    "The server is contacted successfully but the login attempt failed!"

    Although the login information is correctly entered. Let me know do I need to do some other setting to work it successfully?

    You can email at


  • Is there any Outlook plugin for PS that allows the addition of new tasks to project server from Outlook?  It would make life alot easier for users without Project Professional

  • I to have the problem that when i try to login it says:

    "The server is contacted successfully but the login attempt failed!"

    I can log in the pwa with no problem. Anyone had this problem and fixed it?

    Regards Anders

  • I've been having trouble for a while now trying to consistently get Outlook tasks to update via the timesheet hours.  When I try to update the Project Web Access from the task I get the following error: "Updates were not accepted by the server (Exception 999)"  Additionally, it many times hangs Outlook 2003 and I have to restart outlook.  I've tried this on a completely fresh, updated install of Outlook 2003 as well as an updated, fresh install of Outlook 2007 with no success.  It definitly has something to do with the server but I do not know what.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • Hi all,

    I am using Project Server 2007 and I have successfully installed Outlook plug in for project server. When I try to connect to my site it is giving this error message:

    "The server was enabled to process the last request"

    Let me know do I need to do some other setting to work it successfully?

    You can email at

  • I have struggled with this issue for a while now. It would seem that it may have something to do with changing the date format AFTER tasks have been assigned. I went in over PWA and completed all my tasks and I could then sync with outlook reporting no tasks. I sent back one of my own tasks that I had completed (I was also PM for the project) and this time I could sync and  my one task would appear. Hope this is of some use.

  • I am using PS07 / and outlook07..trying to sync up both !!

    using the personal settings=>outlook Sync, download and run..nothing happens

    In outlook tools=>options=>PWA tab is not visable

    So I check the outlook Trust center and see that the add on is disabled.. I enable it and press ok

    ..still nothing happens

  • I am having the same problem as Alex Grin - when i complete the task process it will not synch up but gives an error message of "unable to process last request".  I've uninstalled, repaired, done everything I can think of.  Is there an update to this add on?  or something I can do? I'm trying to release this to my organization and this will be a key feature.


  • I have Project 2003 with Outlook 2007. IS there a plugin available for me to export my Project tasks to Outlook and thereby receive reminders when they are due please?

  • I am experiencing the same issue as Alex and Alison; however, it apears to be just me.  One of my co-workers can import the exact same tasks without any issues.  Any ideas?


  • My company wants to implement Project Server for project managers and teams to use. I am doing the initial research to see if PS has our company's requirements.

    Concerning the Outlook integration, if the owner of a task completes the task, can we configure Outlook to send notification emails to our PM that TaskX is complete? Also, can we configure Outlook to send notification emails to the owner of TaskX that it is due soon?

    Thanks. Please email me at

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