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November, 2006

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    Project 2007 SDK - RTM Version Now Available


    This announcement just arrived in my inbox.


    The official Project 2007 SDK has been released to the web!    You can either download and install it locally or you can access it via the web.  The Project Developer Portal has also been updated to reflect new content.


    What’s New?

    The RTM SDK includes 72 topics. There are updates of topics from the previous beta release, plus the following new topics:

    ·         How to: Calculate Resource Availability in OLAP Cubes

    ·         Walkthrough: Creating and Using Custom Project Server Permissions

    ·         Using Security Methods in the PSI 

    ·         How to: Write a Simple Impersonation Application 


    The PSI reference has been updated with new code samples for methods in the Project, Resource, Statusing, and Timesheet Web services, among other changes.


    To Download the SDK

    Go to this link: .

    The pj12ProjectSDK.exe download includes:

    ·         pjSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference)

    ·         pj12ReportingDB.chm (Reporting database schema reference)

    ·         OLAPCubeSchemas.xls lists the dimensions, measures, and properties of the Project Server OLAP cubes

    ·         SDK code samples, including the updated Project Tool source and executable.

    To Access the SDK Online

    To access the Project 2007 SDK in MSDN online library, go to this link:

    Project Developer Portal  

    Project Developer Portal in the Office Developer Center on MSDN includes links to the Project 2007 SDK,  Project 2007 blogs, as well as the Project 2003 SDK. Following are the other main pages in the Project Developer Center:

    ·         What’s New for Developers in Project 2007 includes links to MSDN Webcasts.

    ·         Project Community includes an RSS feed for the Project 2007 Team Blog, and other Project blogs and sites.


    To find related content and SDKs, please check out the Office Developer Centers and the SharePoint Developer Center, which have links to the SharePoint SDKs and downloads on MSDN.  Then check out the Project Programmability blog to see how this knowledge can be put into action.



  • Microsoft Project 2010

    Project Programmability Blog!


    As we are on the verge of releasing Microsoft Office Project 2007 we want to help our customer and partner community by providing a forum for learning how to develop applications that communicate with both Project Server and Project Client.

    There are three of us manning the Project Programmability blog, Patrick Conlan, Phil Smail and myself Chris Boyd. We are all Program Managers on the Project Team. The plan is to post samples that are requested and cool things we want to try out. So if you need some sample code or explanations on how to develop with the upcoming release of Project, drop by the Project Programmability blog and post a comment!

    Chris Boyd


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