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Please Send Us Error Reports

Please Send Us Error Reports

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Send Error Report message

Before I came to Microsoft, I always cancelled the "Send error reporting to Microsoft".  I didn't know what was being captured or how it was being used.  Brief feelings of being spied upon would come over me.  So, my choice was always to cancel.

Now that I work for Microsoft, I wanted to pass on the two major points I have learned about error reporting.

First, it's very important information.  Whenever a Microsoft Office application encounters an error, the Watson error reporting application captures what was happening with the PC at the time of the error and what error was encountered.  It will then prompt you to send this information to Microsoft. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send this data to us.  Basically, we capture the program call stack data for debugging purposes and the error description.  The data sent to us allows us to analyze which errors are occurring, how often and why. 

Errors follow the Pareto principle where a small number of issues create most of the errors.  We use the frequency and severity as one of the inputs in deciding what goes into future service packs and product versions.  This data was instrumental in selecting fixes for the Project 2003 service packs.

Secondly, we are not spying on you.  We do not capture personally identifiable information in this process.  So, you won't start getting marketing material as a result of submitting this information. 

I recently watched a user get an error, saw Watson do it's job and then saw the user cancel the send process.  I asked why they cancelled it and basically, they didn't want to take the time to submit the info.  I also asked how often had they seen the issue and they said enough to notice. 

As a result, we both lose as the user will continue to experience the problem and we will continue to not know about it.

Sending in the data is the easiest way to make sure your issue is reported.  In the end, we will all benefit from a better product. 


  • i can not access my e-mail on the p.c. programs are all very slow any ideas?

  • I need to straighten out an erroe report

  • is broken :(

  • Where can I find help for problems like the one described below?

    Thanks for any good help.

    Jack  Access 2007 will not paste data correctly.  When pasting data into a table using Access 2000, all data pastes correctly.  When doing the exact same operation in Access 2007 some data is not pasted and you get no error messages.  When pasting large amounts of data, this is a big problem not knowing if the data is making it into the database.

  • Would you, please, share some details about what makes a particular crash more severe than others? Say, if a particular dll exists in the crashing thread's stack trace, like crypt32.dll, contributes to this estimate, or the exception address has to be in that (or one of those) particular dll to make that severe? What about the exception code's contribution mechanism? Is this the right place to ask these questions? Any comments are much appreciated.



  • how many of these error reports do you suppose microsoft gets in a day, month, year? hundreds of millions? billions?

  • A lot of companies (including mine) would beg to disagree with this, due to its complete opacity. There's no way to tell exactly what is actually being sent or where it is actually going. What if a hack/virus causes XP or Office Error Reporting to send compromising information somewhere? We do not allow sending any sort of "bug reporting" or "help us improve..." info to any outside organization.

    BTW Office 2007 error reporting still occurs even if you disable XP error reporting. Plus there's no way to disable Office 2007 error reporting without creating new registry keys. Completely idiotic.

  • Dear sir,

       I have only one problem (( sir internet 1 min using before dontsend box and atomatically internet closed. plz answer

  • When I get the MS report error message and click to Report error, my internet connecion is broken.  This happens whether or not I click Send/Report or Cancel.  This is something starte recently and now happens daily.  What is happening here and is there a fix for it.


  • Just installed Microsoft office 2007 ultimate on my pc and activated it but when i open any of the programs i get a message saying 'microsoft xxxx has not been installed for the current user. please run setup to install the application'  xxxx being whichever program you start.

    I am th only user on the pc so I dont understand why i get this message as there are no other user accounts and my account is setup as system administraor.

    I have tried un-installing and re-installing but still have the same problem.

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Working in Project 2010. The calednar is set to "standard" yet activites are showing up on Saturdays? any idea why?


  • What is it you people do with the error reporting messages sent to you?

    I've been sending these reports for months, and I still have the same problem.  The updates are not taking.  Everyday the system shows that it is "updating" 7 updates.  I take it these are the same updates everyday, because like I said, they are not taking, and the error reports are being sent almost everyday.  What gives?  Do you solve these problems or what?

    Is this just a way to fool the public?

  • I have an error when using custom reports in project 2010, it always reports the gantt

  • Jose - This is a known issue. The workaround is to create a view that is the same as the report and then print that. If you describe what your custom report looks like, I can help you create the view.

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