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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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I've been getting a lot of email lately with some great questions.  Rather than attempting to answer individually, I thought it best to give you a forum to ask these questions.

So, to facilitate knowledge sharing, please post your questions as a comment to this post.  Assuming it is information we can discuss publicly, we'll give you answers.  Also, we can all benefit from the knowledge gained in this dialog.

  • -in the "WSS to MOSS Migration" post you say "As you should install MOSS prior to installing Project Server, you'll want to first upgrade your existing WSS content to MOSS."

    -can you please review this question and let me know if you have any advice, I have posted all over newsgroups but not getting anything, I am burying myself in documentation but am not finding these two core questions answered


    we are bringing in a new MS Project Server 2007 solution, a.) what are the benefits of running Sharepoint Server 2007 versus Sharepoint Services in an MS Project Server solution b.) can we bring in Sharepoint Server 2007 later and expect it to upgrade Sharepoint Services or are we hurting ourselves by not bringing in Sharepoint Server at the beginning, any thoughts or experience on this would be appreciated

  • Hi,

    I currently have a copy of Project Professional 2007 and I would like to try Project Server 2007.  Is there any way I can obtain an evaluation copy of Project Server 2007?

    I've looked all over Microsoft's site with no success.



  • -we are a consultant and just getting started with Project 2007 in the lab, we will want to manage projects for multiple clients and give client staff

    access to PWA sites, does anyone have thoughts if a.) all Project Workspaces should exist under a single PWA or if b.) a PWA should be created for each

    customer's projects, we want to have the ability for our staff to access all projects, be resources on all projects, search all customer projects, and hopefully be assigned different costs from one client's project to another (may be $50 and hour for one but $75 and hour for another) for budgeting

    -I just don't know if it is a requirement for us to create seperate PWA sites for each customer in order to achieve this level of seperation, are there enough mechanisms in a single PWA site (Groups and Categories for example) to get the job done or are we best creating a PWA site for each of our customers

    -I like the idea of our staff all only having one PWA site to work from regardless of which of our customers projects they are assigned to, does anyone have thoughts

  • In reply to RRupert

    a.) what are the benefits of running Sharepoint Server 2007 versus Sharepoint Services in an MS Project Server solution

     So we're talking about the benefits of MOSS. There are quite a few and too many for this post. At a high level how about search capability across all WSS sites, including PWA. Also you should look at items like Infopath server based forms, maybe these could be used to drive Project proposals etc. I'd check the Office site for the benefits of MOSS

    b.) can we bring in Sharepoint Server 2007 later and expect it to upgrade Sharepoint Services or are we hurting ourselves by not bringing in Sharepoint Server at the beginning, any thoughts or experience on this would be appreciated

         Yes Sharepoint Portal can be brough in later on. There is no hurt other than not having the features from the start!!!

  • You need to create separate workspaces per project. We don't have an option to change this.

    I don't see any reason why you couldn't run with one PWA site. There's nothing in what you describe that says you shouldn't. The only reason to create separate sites is if you wanted the customer to access the site

  • Re: Trial Server

    The current ETA for a downloadable trial on the Office download center (using a trial key) is February.  If you are an MSDN subscriber, it's in your December kit and you can try it today!

  • When Microsoft is going to release the service pack for MSP 2007? we are dealing with a lot of bugs...mainly in the lookup tables & check in issues:

    - Lookup tables mixed up values

    - Unknown errors message in lookup table

    - Check in problems

    Do you familiar with these kind of problems?

  • Carmit,

    Unfortunately, we cannot discuss items such as to SP plans in this forum.  However, I would HIGHLY recommend that you report your issues to our Product Support team.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we track all issues and use this for SP planning.

    Feel free to provide more specifics around the issues you are facing.

  • We're evaluating PS2007 and have run into at least one important workflow issue.

    We'd like to allow anyone to create a task "request" and then be able to "promote" that task to the actual project planning file. One method might be to create a workspace task, and then transfer the task to the project DB; however, there doesn't *appear* to be much integration between a workspace and the associated project planning DB.

    If we have to go re-enter the task, we lose the history, have to replicate attachments and notes, etc.

    Are we missing the obvious (or not so obvious) way to make this happen?

    Thanks much!

  • I'd like to have project drive my client billing. To do this I need to be able to assign mulitiple rates to resources (people). One task might be at $100.00 per hour while another type of task might be $150.00 per hour. If I could then pull a report that would list tasks and hours spend on those tasks by resource/task rate I can use that information to bill clients. How is this accomplished? If I can't get Project/Project server to do it then I have to have my developers input their time spent into Project and a third party software. I'd like to avoid that!


  • One of the powerful features of PWA in 2003 was the simplicity of the process by which resources could enter their time.  On the one "Tasks" page, they

    could enter project time and administrative time, and they could enter actual work plus remaining work for project assignments.  This simplicity was important because team members were often resistant to the time entry process, and it needed to be easy.

    The separation of timesheets from task entry in 2007 seems to have made the process considerably more complex for team members. I see that information can be transferred bi-directionally, but this still makes for a cumbersome worklflow.  My questions, therefore, are:

    1. What is the simplest recommended workflow for team members who have both project work and administrative work?

    2. Is there a simple, "one-stop" process available for these resources?

    3. What is the recommended method for entering actual work by day and remaining work on a task, for project work?  

    4. It appears that "remaining work" is not available on either view.  Can it be added to the timesheet?  If we modify the tasks view to add it, does it behave the same way that it did in 2003?

    5. What happened to grouping by project, and all of the "filter/group/search" capabilities?

    I would be very interested in hearing about everyone's experience with these features.


  • We are currently having a problem with Assignment Owners.  When a material resource has been given an assignment and an Assignment Owner is set for it, the Assignment Owner gets an error logging into thier PWA My Tasks page. Delete the material resource from the task and the user (Assignment Owner) can now access thier My Tasks page normally.

    Is there security or other settings we may be missing? Do we need an RBS to make Assignment Ownership work? Is there a guide or postings that explain more about Assignment Owners?


  • I'm coming across a small but persistnet error with Bubble Charts in Data Analysis. The pivot table with chart view can be set up OK but then when it is displayed the user sees the error dialog "Invalid procedure call or argument".

    The chart disappears when one clicks OK on the error but can be redisplayed without error using the Actions option.

    Has anybody else seen this? Am I doing something wrong here?



  • -I have read that if I create a Site Collection List it will write to its own database, share navigation bar and breadcrumb bar, content types, workflows, security groups, lookup fields across lists, search scope)

    -now under the Web Application and Site Collection List for the default instance of PWA I can create Sites and Site Collections but not to their own databases and other segration, so when I read the benefits seperate content to other Site Collections in Project 2007 does that translate to creating another PWA instance

  • To: Tony Scribner:  You can assign up to five different rates per resource using cost rate tables.  In a resource view, double click on the name, click the Costs tab on the resource information dialog, then click on any of the five cost rate table tabs (A-E) and set each rate.  Then in a usage view, insert the Cost Rate Table column and set the rate table for each assignment.

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