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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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I've been getting a lot of email lately with some great questions.  Rather than attempting to answer individually, I thought it best to give you a forum to ask these questions.

So, to facilitate knowledge sharing, please post your questions as a comment to this post.  Assuming it is information we can discuss publicly, we'll give you answers.  Also, we can all benefit from the knowledge gained in this dialog.

  • To HIrvine, are the assignment owners who are getting this error a part of the project team that the material resource assignments are coming from?  IE.  Bob is the assignment owner for bricks.  Bricks are used in ProjectX.  Is Bob a part of ProjectX's team?

  • Is it possible to:

    A.) Delete project from within PWA without having MS Project 2006?

    B.) Add the description field to the project or see the description of the project that you entered when you first proposed the project? I need people to see what the project are about in PWA otherwise it is pretty much pointless for many thing.

    C.) Is there a free trial of Project 2007 Pro anywhere?

    Please HELP! Urgent as I am setting up the site as we speak.

    Thank you!



  • Also how would I go about deleting project from the site?

  • I have heard that in Project 2007 we will be able to structure the project calendar to match our accounting calendar months. I have looked everywhere and can not find confirmation of this. This would be a tremendous enhancement for those of us that incorporate schedules and actual costs into an earned value system.



  • I've just been setting up MOSS and Project Server 2007 in a 2 server Farm and have discovered some descrepancies with the instructions posted on the Technical Website.

    I'm using the latest Deployment Guide and have discovered some conflicting security instructions (Pg 49) "Start the Office SharePoint Server Search Service" item 8. Farm Search Service Account must be member of Admins Group and Farm Admins Group (WSS_Admin_WPG)

    Those found in the Plan for Administrative and Service Accounts (MOSS) Standard Account Requirements - SSP Accounts. Office SharePoint Server Search Account must NOT be a member of Farm Admins Group.

    Which is it???


    MOSS Deployment...

    (Pg 52) When creating a web application to host the SSP and create the SSP.

    The My Sites site collection web application - Is this where we want a PWA site to be created later or do we want a 3rd web application?

    Wait there's more...

    When installing Project Server on the MOSS server (since it's only a 2 server Farm) I used The Deployment Guide for Project Server 2007 - Install Project Server on Application Servers.  (Pg 113) Configure Farm Services - instructs you to Stop the Windows SharePoint Services Web Application.  If you do this then When you come to Provision Project Server to the Farm you can't access the SSP Administration Site.

    Should this be started or not?

    One last question...

    Later in the year our AD Forest is being migrated into our parent company's. Are there going to be tools to change all the service accounts, can this be done through SharePoint Administration?

  • Is there any way to add the Task ID field to any of the My Tasks views (e.g. My Assignments)?

  • Michael Steinberg said:

    > One of the powerful features of PWA in 2003 was the simplicity of the process by which resources could enter their time.  On the one "Tasks" page, they could enter project time and administrative time, and they could enter actual work plus remaining work for project assignments... [Points regarding the importance of this and changes in 2007 deleted.]...

    1. What is the simplest recommended workflow for team members who have both project work and administrative work?

    2. Is there a simple, "one-stop" process available for these resources?

    < End quote

    I don't have any answers, but I wanted to chime in regarding the importance of your concerns.

    We are a MS partner and expect to upgrade a decent number of clients to 2007 this year. The issues that Michael brings up look like they are going to be the big thorn in our upgrades. Time entry was already dreaded, but looks to have gotten more complicated and require more steps than previously. Our clients are very aware that this affects every user of the system and would like to see this get easier.

  • We are using MSP 2003 within the company.

    For our bid work, what I would like to do is to set up a schedule with several costed options. In other words be able to select from a series of task options and MSP would only sum up those I had selected.

    At the moment I either have to put all the options in one schedule in which case the summary tasks are wrong, or just set up a series of separate, unlinked schedules.

    Anybody else tried this?


  • Hello,

    Being a newbie to EPM so please forgive me.

    Just wondering how do you create departmental security so only the people who belong to specific departments can view the available resources.

    thx in advance.

  • Jeremy, On selecting different combinations of tasks to calculate different costed options...

    Have you tried using custom flag fields to identify the different tasks that make up an option - one flag field = one option? Then use a custom cost field for each of the options with a formula that tests the flag and copies the task cost into the custom cost field. That should give you 10 cost options corresponding to the 10 custom cost fields. And you can specify that thecost fields should sum up so that the summary level costs for those fields should be accurate.


  • We just installed Project 2007 with the app and web piece on a server, and the DB and Anaylsis server on another, and when we try to build the cube I am getting the below error, didnt know if someone could help.   Thanks

    Error: Analysis Services session failed with the following error: Failed to connect to the Analysis Services server acsq0501. Error: ActiveX component can't create object

  • We are looking to install Project Server onto a separate server than our current MOSS box which has its own SQL instance.  MOSS is installed as a farm (not single server mode).  However we want to put the Project database on its own SQL instance.  Is it safe to assume that we only need to install the Project Web Components and Application components on the MOSS instance?  From what I've read, we dont need to enable the application components, they just need to be on the MOSS server.  However, the documentation doesnt cover a scenario like this.  Are there any gotchas you are aware of?

  • Hello!

    I would like to evaluate PS 2007 with SS 3.0 and SQL 2005, but I can not find the MS On Line books like they have for PS 2003 deployment.

    Does anyone have a guide or step by step process on how to install PS 2007 on a single server ?


  • Cesar, there are many resources for installation on Technet and a few on MSDN. Try starting here:

    The best guide I have found for installing Project Server 2007 is either the "Deploy Project Server 2007 to a server farm environment" technet doc:

    or the blog entries by Tony Zink:

    If you are installing Project Server 2007 for the first time, I would plan on installing it at least twice to get up to speed. First follow Tony Zink's instructions in a stand alone environment. There you won't need to worry about security as much. Once you've got that installation working, then install with domain service accounts and minimal priveleges, which will probably cause a new set of challenges.


  • Raj said:

    > Just wondering how do you create departmental security so only the people who belong to specific departments can view the available resources.


    Raj, Explore the RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) of Project Server. This resource field integrates with Project Server security.


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