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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

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I've been getting a lot of email lately with some great questions.  Rather than attempting to answer individually, I thought it best to give you a forum to ask these questions.

So, to facilitate knowledge sharing, please post your questions as a comment to this post.  Assuming it is information we can discuss publicly, we'll give you answers.  Also, we can all benefit from the knowledge gained in this dialog.

  • > We just recently installed Vista on a few machines including mine. Now when trying to submit a status report in MS Project Server, it won't let me! Others with Vista have experienced the same thing. It works fine on XP.

    What version of Project? When you say it won't let you what do you mean?

  • > hence i request you all mail me the documents regarding installing MSP Server and Professional 2007.also send me the configuration of Share Point Server Farm.

    There is already documentation up online. There is no non-released documentation available


    I want to tailor the Project Documents template in PWS so that it automatically has the folder structure we want to use for our project folders.  I would also like to populate the template with some sample and template documents if that is possible.  I have searched through Google and the various support site but cannot see how to do this (or even whether it can be done).  Has anyone done this, and if so can you please point me in the right direction?



  • We have installed Project Pro 2007 on our Win XP systems and are currently having problems. I have installed through the custom tab selecting to "Run all from my system". The users have admin rights to the Pc and have rebooted. The issue is that it keeps trying to reinstall producing the progress bar. This should be a simple problem to fix, but we have ran out of ideas. Could any of you think of a solution to this re-occurring install?

  • Cesar Cruz had a problem with the Outlook Syncrhonization:

    I had a similar issue. For some Enterprise Resource Custom field(s) the

    solved it. I could identify the fields with following statements:

    select * from dbo.MSP_CUSTOM_FIELDS where MD_PROP_ROLLDOWN_TO_ASSN = 1



    I also found this on Microsoft’s web site.

    The timesheet PSI can break the Outlook add-in if resource custom field roll-downs are turned on

    When you view task assignments in Project Web Access or in the Microsoft Office Outlook add-in, you may receive one of the following error messages:

    dataset constraint violation

    SOAP Exception: The Server was unable to process the last request.

    This issue may occur if a resource has multiple assignments and if an enterprise resource custom field has the Calculation for Assignment Rows option set to Roll down, unless manually specified.

  • Hi,

    I am new to project server 2007 and i am learning the PSI feature of project server 2007. Every time i try to call the LoginWindows service that is in the PWA, i get this error logged in the event log

    PSI Auth: SiteId 08389655-3fb7-4df7-84c7-04af4a186f7a was not found in the ProjectSiteCollection for this SSP

    I am not able to understand what could be the possible reason for this error.

    1. I used a local account to install project server in my VPC.

    2. This account is the local admin, admin on the PWA, admin on the SSP.

    3. All the applcation pools run under this identity.

    4. This user is able to log into the PWA through IE.

    5. This user is able to browse all the webservices through IE.

    I do nto have a clue as to what the problem could be. Please help

  • I have come across a rather unique problem here but quite don't know how to easily fix it.  Someone showed me a Project 2007 .mpp file, but the task ids are not in consecutive order, but the Task name fields are in the order that they like.  It appears that while working on the project file, people used the insert task to arbitrary stick in a task into the sql? database whereever they liked, without paying any attention to the task ids which were not sequentially ordered when they did this.

    Now whenever they open or close the file, MS Project tries to reorder the chart according to the id #s, but gets the Task Names out of the desired order.

    Is there an easy fix for this?  I hate the idea of cutting and pasting into a new mpp file, because the links are broken in doing this.  Is there an easier way?

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