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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

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We've had a number of good questions come in.  I thought it would be helpful to share these and the answers.  Enjoy!



Question: Which is true? 

Case 1:  Does the assigned timesheet manager approve all tasks in the timesheet (for example, project tasks as well as administrative time tasks) OR

Case 2:  Does the resource manager (i.e. the assigned timesheet approver) approve administrative time AND the project manager of the project the tasks originally came from approve the project tasks? 

The Resource manager approves all timesheet data.  If the Admin timesheet categories require approval outside of timesheets, those are also approved by the timesheet manager.

The current timesheet submitter/approver can change the value of the next person to approve the timesheet.  Using this setting, the PM can be sent the timesheet to approve.  As long as the PM doesn't have the category approval permission for that resource, the PM can send the timesheet back to the resource manager for final approval.  One manages actual work while the other manages compliance with company policies.

Looking at Tasks

Question:  I'm using Project Professional and I need to answer the following questions:

  • What work items/tasks are due by a given date?
  • What work items/tasks are slated for <x> milestone?
  • What work items/tasks are all assigned to <resource>?

Items Due This Week/By this date

In Project Professional, you can define a filter to show you this.  The filter will prompt you for a date so you can use this to see finishing by any date.

  • In Project Professionals, select Project, Filtered for, More Filters


  • Select New


  • Define the following Filter and click OK


  • You will then see this filter in your list of filters to apply.  Project, Filtered For, More Filters, Select the filter and click apply. Once you use it, it will appear in the earlier list so the number of clicks will be reduced.
  • When you apply this filter, it will prompt you to enter the date.  You can enter any date, not just the date for the end of the week.

What work items/tasks are slated for <x> milestone?

The way we do this internally is to define a task level custom field.  You would then assign a milestone value to each task. 

Add a new task custom field to the Project.

  • From Project Professional, select Tools, Customize, Fields


  • Select the Task radio button,
  • Select a default task custom field that’s not used (in this case, Text 1)
  • Click Rename.  Your screen should look like this:  clip_image007
  • Name the field Milestone Group and click OK.
  • Under Custom Attributes, click the Lookup button.  This will enable you to add values to your dropdown. clip_image009
    • If you want to set a default value, you can select a Milestone value row, and click Set Default
    • If you want to change the display order, expand the display plus and select your option
    • If you want to be able to add new values on the fly, expand data entry options and select Allow additional items to be entered into the fields.
  • Click Close.
  • Your screen should look like this: clip_image011
  • If you need to see this for every assignment, then also select the Roll down unless manually entered radio button under Calculation for assignment rows.
  • Click OK.
Insert the custom field into your Gantt view
  • You need to add the field to the view to enter the data.
  • You can either select a column header and right click, select Insert Column or you can press the Insert key.
  • You will get this dialog: clip_image013
  • Use the field dropdown to find your new custom field. You can start typing the name to find it.
  • Click OK.
  • Your screen will appear as this: clip_image014
  • You can click on the field, click the dropdown and select the value. 
  • If all of your tasks are in the correct order, you can drag down the value a la Excel style, to fill the cells below.
Turning on Autofilter
  • To easily filter by Milestone, then select Project, Filtered For, Autofilter. 
  • Now, you can easily filter for a given milestone


What work items/tasks are all assigned to <alias>?

  • If you have set up your resource names using the alias, you can use the default filter “Using Resource”. 
  • Select Project, Filtered For, Using Resource
  • Select the resource from the dropdown
  • If you want to filter on another aspect of the resource record, a custom filter can be easily developed.

Added Bonus – Cumulative Filters

By the way, all of these filters can be used together.  So, by applying all three filters, I can see for a given milestone, within Milestone 1, which tasks will be completed by X date.


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  • Sir,

    Actually i want to add radio button ( 3 state toggle button) in word 2007 help me .

  • Hi to all,

    I am facing a problem that is while saving a project from project proffessional 2007 to project server 2007, it is taking too much time. Can anybody has any idea about this.



  • I can't access My Tasks in PWA 2007 , although I am the Administrator. If I log on to PWA in another machine I experience the same issue. There is another Administrator and he can access My Tasks, Project Center, and so on. I noticed that under my profile all the check boxes were checked and the other resources profile non of the checkboxes were checked. Any help, would be reatly appreciated!


  • Hi,

    I am new to MS Project / EPM 2007 environment. Is there any step-by-step EPM customization book (with screenshots please) that you could refer me to?

    Things such as setting up the RBS to manage resources and security, creating views, creating reports etc...

    Also, can one manage resources without using timesheets?..just assigning them to tasks and monitor workload for availability..


  • How can I make the graphical indicators work in PS 2007? I need them to display a green or red dot depending on % Work Completed. Is this possible? How do I do this? Is there a good tech manual on this type of stuff?

  • I have a problem that I cannot solve.  I have a project that was created with a start date of 3/14/07 and finish date of 11/14/07 the work and baseline are 1000.75 hours.  When this project is published to the server and the cube is rebuilt, the values are 1568.9 respectively.  I am on MS project 2003 version : Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

    Please help!!

  • Is it possible to create Views with custom fields to appear in the Timesheet views?

  • Is it possible to refer to a cell so that when the value of that cell changes, all the tasks with start dates point to that cell get updated.  

    I suppose what I want to do is to update tasks with common start dates by simply changing a value in another single cell.

  • I'm evaluating Project 2007 standard,  and started the on-line training course here:

    It instructs me to turn on the Analysis toolbar,  and use the "Copy Picture to Office Wizard" to help generate reports.  I am unable to find the Analysis toolbar,  or the Wizard.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I'm trying to extract Earned Value data from Project 2007,  using the inbuilt Visual Reports "Earned Value Over Time Report" excel template,  exporting to Excel 2003.  The inbuilt chart gives me only one data point; it doesn't (by default) have a "time" axis.

    If I add the calendar to the X axis I can start to find some useable data,  but I need to extract data from the PivotTable before I can even plot a baseline budget S curve.  Does this sound right? Am I missing something?  Do I need Excel 2007 before this function works properly?

  • I am the admin for our 2007 project server environment, and need to grant limited permissions to another employee so that she can enter vacation time into resource calenders.  I have tried multiple sets of permissions but cant seem to grant her access without giving her admin priviledges. Examples of some of the permissions i gave her include:

    Manage Enterprise Calendars


    Manage Resource Notifications  

    New Resource  

    View Resource Plan


    Adjust Timesheet  

    Approve Timesheets  

    Assign Resource  

    Create Surrogate Timesheet  

    Edit Enterprise Resource Data  

    View Enterprise Resource Data  

    View Resource Assignments in Assignment Views

    I am not sure if I am missing a permission or what the reason is that she cannot access the resource calender.

  • I have a problem when I try to export the issues to the excel format.The steps I did are:

    In the issues lists, click "operation"->"export to excel file",it pops up for me to select "open" or "save", I select "open", it will open a excel window, then I go on clicking the "open" button on alert window which warning me that the original data may be risky, after I click the "open", it pops up a window says:" you don't have permission to edit this sheet. cannot save the change on this sheet". don't know why since I don't do any change yet,and it doesn't ask me to input the account of the project server either.

    Would anyone help this? Many thanks.

    BTW, I upgrade the Wss3.0 and project server 2007 to the SP1 already.

  • I'm at the point to acquire Project 2007 but:

    The critical path analysis is quite important to me and taking the definition of a CPA into account, I get lost on how the system make the distiction between a normal task and a critical task.

    I read the manual Project 2007 by John Carrol and:

    In the construction environment an electrical inspection would be a normal task - no dependancy up to a certain point, while approval of plans will be critical- all other tasks depend on the approval of building plans.

    When tasks are defined I cannot pick-up from the manual that I will be able to define the tasks as critical or non-critical. It seems the system would pick the tasks "randomly", depending on the slack time and decide on critical or not critical. If the is so the definition of an CPA could become nul and void

    Please explain how the system would handle the CPA scenario


    Dawie Human  

  • Dawie - Check out this help article on the critical path: It should be able to help you out.  Basically, Project considers a task critical if changes to its date affect the project finish date.  


  • When entering non-default "Work Week" exceptions for a resource MS Office Project 2007 crashes. If I modify the default "Work Week" values the software does not crash. My laptop is running Office 2003 with MS Project 2003 installed. However, this happens on a laptop that does not MS Project 2003 installed. Has anyone else come across this problem? If so, what did you do to resolve it (if you did resolve it)?


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