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September, 2007

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    Blog Hiatus


    closed for season

    Yes, we are going on blog hiatus for the season.  The Spec Writing season, that is. 

    We are hard at work designing the next version of Project Server and writing the detailed specs that are used to develop the software.  As this is a very time and attention intensive process, we won't have much time between spec writing and Project Conference preparation to blog much nor to answer blog email.

    With that, if you haven't registered for Project Conference, what's keeping you?  Go to now and sign up!  We are having a huge conference this year and you don't want to miss it.

    Next posts will be around Project Conference time at the end of October.  Thanks for stopping by.



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    Read our content in other languages.


    I've added a link to the new Windows Live Translator service that was rolled out this week.  The link is in the News section in the left column.  Clicking that link will bring up our site in the Live Translator site.  You can then pick which language you would like to see the posts.  I can't attest to the quality of machine performed language translations, but hopefully WLT does it well enough for this linkage to be usable to you.

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    Visual Project Planning and Reporting


    In case you weren't aware of this, you can use the WBS Modeler tool to visually model and plan your projects or to validate the current structure of your project.  The tool uses Visio 2007 and Project 2007 to do this. 

    Ok, I haven't used this yet.  I'm in the process of installing it now.  One of my fellow PMs sent me the link so I'm passing it on to you.  The documentation says you can generate Project schedules from a Visio WBS diagram.  This sounds very cool and I'm looking forward to trying it out.  If you've used this already or are going to, comment to the post with your experience.

    There's also some documentation around how to do Visio based reporting on Project data using Pivot Diagrams.  More info can be found here:  There were some Visio based reports shipped with the Project 2007 client.  This article goes into detail as to how that was done.

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