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Project 2007 Project Resource Kit

Project 2007 Project Resource Kit

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Hi everyone, Phil Smail from the Project Product Group here. Just wanted to announce the news that I know a lot of you out there have been waiting for. The Project Resource Kit for Project 2007 has released!! It’s available for x86 and x64 in English only

The PRK consists of the following tools:

  • Portfolio Analyzer Views Migration: Allows an administrator to bulk edit the location of an analysis server for multiple data analysis views.
  • Project Server Settings Backup and Restore (Playbooks): Allows an administrator to backup Project Server settings and restore those settings to another Project Server.
  • Project Server Data Populator: Allows an administrator to populate Project Server with projects, resources and other objects. Useful for helping capacity and performance testing.
  • Project Workspace Site Relinker: Allows an administrator to relink the connection between Project Server and Project Workspace sites.
  • View Effective Rights: Allows an administrator to query the Project Server to determine the effective permissions of users against projects or resources.

Full documentation on the tools is expected shortly. In the meantime try them out and feel free to post comments


  • Actually, a mis-type.  We run SQL Server 2005 SP2 (not SP1)

    We have also tried changing permissions to dbo_securityadmin but this connects to the server and retrieves that database name, then the application errs and closes.

  • Hi

    Despite granting my user dbo rights in every database on the SQL 2005 server we are running, I keep getting this error when trying to start playbooks.exe  :

    "ERROR: Server was unable to process request ---> Cannot open database "SSPrvCfg01" requested by login. The login failed. Login failed for user DOMAIN\serviceaccount . Please set URL, username  and password correctly."

    The service account we use has full local admin rights on the server and is sa in the SQL database server and dbo in every database on the server. Note the SQL database is a named instance. We are using WSS 3.0 and have only one PWA.

    Any help most appreciated


  • If you rename fields prior to using Playbooks to migrate enterprise fields it is possible for the Reporting DB schema to mismatch.  

    Example:  There is a field CF_State in PROD.  There is a view in the reporting database called MSPCF_CF_State_Userview holding the values.  If you later rename the field to, say, PJ_CF_State the view name in the reporting database remains the same.  However, when you use Playbooks to migrate settings to a new instance with an an empty database the reporting db view will be created while Playbook is running and the view name will be MSPCF_PJ_CF_State_Userview.  This is a mismatch and can cause problems migrating code to PROD.  Not a problem if you don't access the db directly, but in our case, that's exactly what we do.


  • Hi Phil,

    Yep, i am experiencing the same issue as Steve (September 25, 2008 2:08 AM).

    A long time ago, I came across this issue on a Virtual box, but i rectified it by copying Microsoft.Project.Server.Library to the same folder as Playbooks. Presto!

    However, this method is not working now.

    Also, interestingly, i can run the PAViewsMigration applet with same server and credentials - NO PROBLEM!??!

    Can you please confirm/answer these points:

    a) Are you meant to run it on the server that hosts the PWA site [shouldnt have to, as it uses Web Services]

    b) What type of permissions are required to run Playbooks,

    c) What is the correct contents (if any) of "playbooks.exe.config" file. Mine is pretty much empty.



  • The Project 2007 Project Resource Kit is a very useful set of tools. The PRK consists of the following

  • Hi Phil,

    As an implementer of Project Server 2007, I've been using the RK tools since they have been released and have to say all of them are useful were worth the wait.

    I have a question regarding the View Effective Rights tools when using it with a server with Multiple PWA instances and therefore multiple Published databases.

    The tools seems to want to default the connection to the name of the first Published database it sees alphabetically. Even when I select the other instance's Published DB the connection does not refresh.

    Is there a way to force the connection to refresh to connect to the other PWA instance?



  • Hi,

    I am getting following error while restoring the Custom fields and Lookup table.

    ERROR: Project Server Error: CustomFieldInvalidUID Context: Updating custom

    field <Custom Field Name>.

    Please help!!!!!

  • Hello,

    I am getting the same error as Sam.

    ERROR: Project Server Error: CustomFieldInvalidUID Context: Updating custom

    I have tried the Playbook tool on our PWA server and my client pc with no luck.  I have also checked permissions to add enterprise fields and everything looks fine.

    Any information would be helpful.  


  • Hi,

    i am trying to work with PRK.

    it fetches all the information (Resources, Views, from the database, but not the projects.

    Any Idea?

    Thanks in Advance.

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