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April, 2008

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    Project Fields and Their Descriptions


    Modifying your Project views just got a little easier. Deciding on what field (column) to add is sometimes a hit or miss proposition. Many of the fields sound the same. After all, you don't want to confuse the BCWS field with the Budget Cost field. Now with a new Help article that lists all the fields in one place with useful descriptions, you can make better decisions about the kind of information you want to display in a view.

  • Microsoft Project 2010

    Randomly Checked Out Projects


    Here's a puzzler for you-a team member who does not have Microsoft Office Project 2007 installed on her machine has managed to check out a project. Any guesses as to how she pulled this off?

    Assuming the team member never had access to the Project 2007 client and never had permission to save a project, she may have been able to check out a project through Project Web Access. If the team member had permission and chose to edit project properties in Project Web Access, but did not check the project in upon exiting the Edit Project Properties page, it would appear to still be checked out to the team member.

    So what should you do in this situation? You could ask the team member to return to Project Web Access and properly exit the Edit Project Properties page. Or, if that isn't an option, you can force a check-in on the project in question. For more information on forcing a check-in, see the following help topic: Manually check in projects and resources that are checked out by another user.

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    Values randomly appearing on your timesheet?


    Picture this: you create a new timesheet in Project Web Access, and rather than seeing a blank timesheet, as you might expect, you see a timesheet prepopulated with Actual Work hours. But your project plan doesn't have any Actual Work! Where did the prepopulated hours come from?

    The most likely answer is that the tasks on your timesheet have been included on the My Tasks page, and Actual Work was recorded as part of reporting the status of the tasks. If you record Actual Work on a task as part of the task status, when you include that task on a new timesheet, Project Web Access automatically includes the reported Actual Work on the timesheet, regardless of whether it has been saved to the project plan.

    Another possible answer is that you had previously created a timesheet and reported Actual Work, then deleted that timesheet. When you re-create the same timesheet, the Actual Work reported on the previously deleted timesheet appears on the new timesheet.

    For more information on creating timesheets and reporting task status, see the following help topics:

    · Create my timesheet

    · Report the status of my tasks

    · Add a task to your task status

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