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Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

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Hi everyone,

I’m Roberto Reif and today I am excited to introduce a new feature that has been added to Project Professional 2010, the ability to: synchronize a tasks list between Project and SharePoint!!!

A Project Manager (PM) can use all the advanced scheduling capabilities that exist in Project Professional with all the collaborative capabilities that exist in SharePoint.

Users can now publish a project plan from Project to SharePoint and vice versa.  Any changes made in Project / SharePoint can be easily updated into SharePoint / Project with the click of a button.

So how does this work?  Let’s assume a PM creates a simple project plan in Project Professional, as shown below. 


The PM would like to share the plan with his/her team members via SharePoint.  To do this, the PM clicks on the File tab and drills on to Save & Send > Sync with Tasks List (see image below).  After filling out the required fields, the user clicks on Sync, and in a matter of seconds the project plan has been published to SharePoint.



The SharePoint list will look as follows:


Now the team members can view and modify the data in SharePoint, and the PM can synchronize the updates by clicking on the Sync button.  Tip: After the first sync, the Sync button also appears in the Info tab shown below.



If the same data is modified both in SharePoint and Project, the PM will be prompted with a conflict resolution dialog next time there is a Sync operation. 


A few important things to notice are:

· Summary tasks are supported in the synchronization

· Most custom fields can be synchronized, and can be added via the Manage Fields dialog (click on Manage Fields button shown on the image above in the Info tab)

· This feature only works with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010

· This feature only works when Project Professional is not connected to the server

We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think.  Be amongst the first to download the Project 2010 Beta . Sign up now at and be notified when it’s available!

Update on 5/19/11 - with Project 2010 SP1 you will now be able to synchronize auto scheduled tasks too -

  • Can any list be used or does it have to be a Tasks list?  

    Can you specify a specific Tasks list on the site or is it always to the list that has a database name of Tasks?

  • You can sync to a "Tasks" list or a "Project Tasks" list.

    You can sync to any tasks list in the site regardless of the name.

  • Great feature...Though I haven't been able to enable the "Save to SharePoint" function.  It says that "There are no known sharepoint locations"...I'm working with Public Beta.  Thanks!

  • Hi,

    1 question:

    1) does it works when you have multiple ressources assigned to the same task? Doesn't work on my side.


  • In the public beta, this feature only works with one resource assigned to a task. In the final version, you will be able to have multiple resources assigned.

    Bob - Save to SharePoint is a different feature from this one. That feature lets you save an .mpp file to a SharePoint site. This feature allows you to sync a SharePoint task list with tasks in a project file. I believe to get places to show up in the Save to SharePoint interface, you first need to do a Save As to the SharePoint site and then in the future it will show up.

  • It seems that all Auto Scheduled tasks will be turned into Manually scheduled in your Project plan when you do the sync (it warns you of that).  Also, it seems that Summary tasks get initially put in a SharePoint Project Task list as a single entry that requires a drill down to the detail tasks page.  Or, you can change the view of the list to show only details and the Summary tasks go away from the view.  

  • Can you publish a particular baseline on the sharepoint ? How can it be achieved ?

  • I was able to enter in site URL and validate and then select the project task list.  When I clicked on 'Sync' I get an error "Invalid List Name.  Project was unable to connect to the list due to an invalid character in the name.  Please try again with a name that has less special characters.'  I do not have special characters (or even underscores for spaces) in the site name, list name, or project plan name.  Any ideas?

  • Does this require Project and SharePoint on the same farm or can project plans be stored in Project in one farm and sync'd with SharePoint in a different farm?

  • Hi,

    When I create a plan in Project 2010 using an existing SharePoint task-list, the order of the tasks in Project changes for what is in the task list. The order changes everytime I synchronize the same task-list with different projects in Project 2010. Even adding predecessor/dependencies to the SharePoint task list does not seem to help.

    Can you help resolve this issue?



  • When I attempt to sync with Tasks list I get:

    unable to sync.......... reasons:

    1.the sharepoint site is invalid - no I can cut and paste the link into my bowser and it works

    2. the sharepoint site is unavailable - no same as above

    3. user does not have permissions - no I have owner (full) permissions.

    What could be the issue with this?  

  • A few things that could be causing this:

    - This feature only works with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2010.

    - Make sure the URL you are using is just the site URL. For example, you should use http://<server>/<site> not http://<server>/<site>/myList/List/ListName...


  • I just tested the synch mechanism - very helpful. It even works when more than one ressource ist assigned but the units per ressource can not be synchronized.

    Units are not part of the synch fields offered by project pro.

    Any suggestion how this can be solved? Workaround?

    many thanks



  • You are correct - we do not support sync'ing units. As a workaround, you could add the Work field to be synced. This way your resources can see how much time they should spend on the task.


  • We are testing Sharepoint and Project 2010.  We have the project file syncing with a task list.  But for some reason, the sync is not working 2-way.  Only the changes made to the file appear on the site.  If we make a change or addition using Sharepoint, they do not appear in the project file.  Any pointers?


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